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My holidays went pretty well. It's kind of an interesting thing to not be driving. I order most of my gifts online now anyway, but I almost always have a solo outing to fill in the gaps or just run errands, and I just wasn't able to do that this year. I had time off of work between christmas and the new year, which was really awesome. I still came back this week feeling like I could have had more chilling out time, but I still appreciated the heck out of the time spent in my house by myself in my pj's doing whatever I wanted, which was usually drinking cocoa, cleaning, watching Mythbusters, and/or getting weird little projects worked on (like soldering an extension of the cable to the homemade USB button box I made to use as a bus-powered foot controller for my music rig.) (Don't analyze the grammar in that last bit too closely. Ok.)

I spent my birthday playing roller derby with the all-stars. This was awesome, but honestly, also kind of weird, not having a party or a date night or anything to really celebrate it with my closest friends or S4 or my family. The week before Christmas everything gets so crazy that what I really wanted was to not have any definite plans, to sleep in and do whatever struck my fancy instead of creating yet another something that people felt obligated to do or attend on my behalf. So, it was nice at the time but feels a little like I missed something in retrospect. Maybe I'll do something to mark the occassion later.

I've been spending my time Shanty-building and derby-ing. I bought a few little things for my music studio that I wanted that people didn't end up giving as gifts. I did almost all the things on my little list- I got my hair cut, I cleaned the house, I got rid of our old couch, I got cable internet installed. The SCSI crap is still elusive, so the current plan is to give it up to the capable hands of [ profile] omaha and recycle my old PC and monitor.

We also brought the car into the shop. $1200 later, we have brakes and tires that make driving in MN winter less likely to kill S4 on his way to work. Ouch, but, glad we're taking care of it. Because of this and because we want to do a bit of traveling soon, the idea of new skate boots will probably stay on the back burner.

I've been in something of a clean/declutter flurry, and have figured out (somewhat to my dismay) that I have a bunch of stuff that I don't want to throw away but that I also don't want to display. The only real option other than those things is making scrapbooks. It is a curious conundrum to want to have scrapbooks but not want to become a ScrapbookER. Ugh. Not that I think I'll really become an obsessive-compulsive buyer of fancy scissors and coo in an overly Minnesotan accent over different kinds of archival paper stock and decorative brads at Michael's while kickin' it in some Mom Jeans, but the possibility exists. I hope Scrapbooking isn't some kind of communicable disease.

I skipped derby practice last night to chill out a little. I feel a little guilty, because there was a league meeting about some important stuff, but I also feel the burnout creeping in a bit. Because of acceleration training on top of practice, I've been skating or working out quite a bit, and with that and Shanty building, I don't really have much free time. So, it was nice to chill for a night hang out with S4. We visited his parents' to pick up some things he needed and then went to see Sherlock Holmes. We liked it. It's not the best thing to watch after reading film reviews written from a feminist lens (this movie does not pass the Bechdel test) but it was fun and pretty and worthwhile.

I've been thinking about the new year, and resolutions, and what I want to accomplish. I don't have anything solidified enough to write about yet, though, but I do think it will be a really good year for me, art-wise.
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