Jan. 29th, 2010 09:15 am
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I am reading The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down.
It's an absolutely fantastic book. That said, I'm having a hard time finishing it because it's really tragic (it deals with medical emergencies, cultural conflict, the plight of Hmong refugees after the Vietnam war.) It's actually really easy to read, just kind of emotionally draining. Much like really good but dramatic or emotionally wrenching movies, I have a hard time working myself up to put the time in when I'd rather chill out to more fluffy escapism, or goofy reality TV. (I have blown through all the Mythbusters available to me on Netflix watch instantly. Dang.) Also, if I have 'usual' reading time, it's before I fall asleep. Given that, if I have seizures, they happen upon waking up, putting myself to bed by reading the true story of a little girl with severe epilepsy isn't really the most comforting of bedtime reading. Still though, it's a seriously good book. Anne Fadiman refers to herself less as an author and more as a 'cultural broker'. Especially for anyone here in St. Paul, which has the largest urban Hmong population in the world, goddamn. It's just so well written.

Art Shanties are up and running. They are lots of fun. I'm glad we did it. It's also quite a bit of work (and I say that as one of the people who's done less of it), and I'll also be glad when they are done. There's a part of me that feels like I'm not getting enough out of the shanty experience; that it would be fun to stay overnight out there, to have more of a community with the few other artists that are staying out there, to make food and read books and play music with people out there and give in more completely to Winter In Minnesota for a while. The part that wins, though, is the part that knows it's impractical to leave work to hang out on the ice for an extended period of time, that wants to keep skating for derby, and who likes her creature comforts and her futon and not needing to stoke a woodburning stove all night or pee outdoors when it's well below zero and windy. That's ok.

There is a small group of us planning on an excursion to Belize once the shanties are put away. As I have not had what one might deem a "regular" vacation in many years, I'm really, really, really excited about it. I take time off and travel quite a bit, but I'm usually camping somewhere inhospitable or running/participating in a convention or playing in roller derby tournaments and generally not doing things like sitting on a beach drinking beverages containing ice and rum and fruitiness or enjoying historical things in places I've never been.

I will feel more relaxed about this whole thing once my passport arrives.

I still like roller skating a lot. With 3 of the Rockits' strongest skaters from last season out, another recently injured, and more first-year skaters than since *my* first year, things feel different. I'm now a veteran all-star. This is still pretty weird for the part of my brain that spent most of its life not giving a shit about sports. So, with the all-star season done, and getting our new girls up to speed (literally), it's interesting feeling a bit more pressure to play well. Maybe also 'cause we hadn't lost in so long. :) I tend to work harder when I feel like people are counting on me. It's why people have workout buddies, I guess, so hell- if you want to have your physical condition and how hard you work directly impacting someone else, join a competitive sport. You don't get one workout buddy, you get 15.

S4 is playing in his first home game on Saturday. I am looking forward to it.

Work is really busy, but good.
Having epilepsy kind of sucks.
Having my brother and sister in law in the building is awesome.
I am glad it's Friday.

My new decade is rolling along. I have a feeling this year will feel incredibly short.
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